Twitter vs Reddit

A better title for this might be "a general audience vs a targeted audience". There's nothing particularly eye opening for anyone who deals with online content, but it's reasonably new to me.

On August 4th, I launched this site by tweeting a link to the Eating Reykjavík page. I have roughly 1800 followers, and I'm sure some portion are bots or businesses that don't really read or click on tweets. After one week, this is what my visits looked like:

Not bad. Roughly 134 people clicked through.

Twitter's analytics are ... bad. They claim over 4,000 views for my tweet, but just 73 clicks. I don't know how to explain the discrepancy between Twitter's reported clicks and what Square Space reports as "unique visitors". I only shared it on Twitter and to a small handful of friends. Nothing that would lead to almost double the clicks.

After that week, I posted the link to Reddit's r/VisitingIceland. The subreddit has about 12,000 subscribers. Reddit reports that over one week, it had been seen around 1,800 times, and upvoted 96% of the time (52 whole fake internet points). Here's what that looks like on the receiving end: 

Yeah. Easily better than posting on Twitter. Look at those numbers! And here they are side by side:

It's not even close. 

Here's some other interesting stats. The breakdown of users by OS:

Twitter by OS

Reddit by OS

Total by OS

More of my Twitter followers use iOS and the Mac than the random audience on Reddit. That's all I've got. Hope this was informative for someone.

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